Right to equality


Extra curriculum activities invite an open ground to present talents and enhance it. We work with children’s and families to help them discover their inner ability that could be a skill to sustain them in this world of competition. We steadily organize extra curriculum activities to motivate the slum-dweller to create an environment for them to open up and share the good that they cherish through these activities.

Following activities were conducted to promote awareness in various vital

  • Drawing Competition.
  • Essay Writing competition.
  • Tree Plantation activities.
  • Nookad Natak.
  • Candle March.
  • Sports competition and much more……

The objectives of the program being:

To promote educational, cultural and social interest among families and children from disadvantaged society, various schools and communities to provide a platform to the underprivileged children to express their hidden talents and creativity. We encourage them by giving away prizes on their performance and try to provide much better platform for them.

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